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Thank you for your interest in helping women when they are most vulnerable

I road 1300 miles in June for TLC Options for Women that helps women and babies like Charday and Ari (left) with counseling, information, prenatal medical care, ultrasounds, clothing, cribs, etc. when a woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Please help these women and sponsor me for a penny, nickel, dime, quarter or more per mile.

This is non-political and non-religious and is only about carrying for those among us who need our help when they are most vulnerable.

Half the proceeds will go to TLC Options for Women that supports 31 centers across Minnesota and Wisconsin. The other half goes to my local center: Minnetonka Life-Care Center.

You can view my jouney on my Facebook page:

Here are some answers to common questions:

  1. How do I donate?
    Please make the check payable to: TLC Options for Women
    In the description/memo line: Miles for Women

    There are three ways to donate. You can pay by check or online. I prefer check since there are no credit card fees but either way is fine. First, if you will see Juli or I in the next week or if you want to drop by my house, you can just give us your check. Second, you can mail your check directly to TLC.

    TLC Options For Women
    525 Thomas Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55103

    Third, you can donate online by clicking this button
  2. Here is the pledge conversion chart
  3. You can still pledge here

  4. Non-political and Non-religious
    This is non-political and non-religious and is purely about helping women when they need it the most.